The Great Escape.

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Spot on. Despite the fact that I have been doing so well over the past six months, this still brings tears to my eyes.

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If you do suffer like I do, always remember this statement.

Yes, you are different.

Yes, you do have an imbalance.

Yes, you are forced to look at everything differently.

But doesn’t that make even the smallest happy moments that much more meaningful?

It makes the sun shine a little brighter.

It makes the night a little darker.

You are different.

But no one ever said different was bad.

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anyone who isn’t following my blog


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my personal style is called “i don’t have the money for my preferred aesthetic”

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Tumblr really doesn’t seem to care much about disabled people and ableism. Seriously, I’ve seen multiple posts with 1000+ notes ripping at the TIMES list (and damn rightfully so!), however I’ve only seen one about the fact that the man that made the horrendous “I Am Autism" (major tw for ableism in the video) was on the list, and it only has 15 notes.


i like to go into echoey rooms because i can yell ‘i love you’ and finally hear it back

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